Our modern all white unisex ceremonial and bodyworker clothing is beautifully handmade in Bali. Life is a ceremony and welcome, you have now found the perfect comfort, protection and quality fabric for ceremony or for your job as a lightworker, or both. Our blessed products are infused with the magic of Bali, our Balinese family tailor and the endless care and love of our local team.

The KindFamily Dirty Laundry Brand was conceived during a very tender moment in my family. I combined my deep desire for the perfect under garments, my love for ceremonial white outfits with my family's needs, and thought of all the dirty laundry that sits in families.

What if this brand could help change that?
I’ve always also been slightly triggered by the undergarment industry. Something so close to our intimate bodies potentially made in a way that never felt aligned with my heart. It’s time to change that too.
I met Choi in Bali during the Covid lockdown on Instagram and was immediately inspired by his love and passion for locally inspired fashion. 
I met Ashley at the Pyramids of Chi in Ubud, Bali inside a pyramid. Ashley is our mentor and has helped take the brand into reality.

We are all keen to help families sort out some family laundry and to celebrate ethical clothing that is handmade in Bali. Please join us.