KindFamily is about being kind to yourself, to others and to the environment.

Our headquarters is located on the beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia, so this is why we happily donate 10% of every purchase to one of our locally supported causes. 

Choi, Yudi, and I are committed to making a difference within the human kingdom.


Balinsese Smiling Woman

50% of the monthly donation earnings go to support Sungai Watch, which helps clean up Bali's waterways that are often full of trash and overflowing when it rains. Their initiative puts up barriers to catch debris and organic matter, cleans them daily, and sorts through the garbage to see what can be recycled or composted.  


The other 50% of the monthly donation earnings go to Feed Bali Bloom Bali, where we help organize food drops offs to marginalized families, so they have the staples they need to feed their families.


We feel both of these causes perfectly balance what KindFamily stands for by helping those in need and helping make our earth a little greener. Thank you for your beautiful support. 


Food basket

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