Cultural fashion norms are constructed by the society in which they are based.  In some cultures, it is considered silly for a man to wear a skirt.  But in other cultures, it's completely normal for a man to wear a skirt.  In Scotland it might be called a kilt, or in Albania it might be called a fustanella.  Relatedly, in some cultures today, as they did in ancient Rome, men wear dresses called tunics.  But other cultures would see men wearing anything besides pants or shorts as wrong.  It wasn't that long ago that women wearing pants was seen as wrong.  In fact, as recently as the 1960s, women were arrested in the US for wearing pants.  And it was only in 2013 that Paris finally overturned a 200-year-old law against women wearing trousers.  Nowadays, it might be considered wrong for men to wear high heels, wigs, stockings, and make-up.  But if you go back to Europe in the 17th century, you'll see that men started wearing heels before women, and you'll notice the make-up, wigs, ruffle or lace collars, and stockings of the upper class men.
The entirety of a human being is so, so much more than social constructs of gender.  Gender roles have confined humans to only parts of themselves, cutting them off from other parts of themselves.  Humans are the most liberated and actualized when they are allowed to be fully human.  There is a Gender Revolution going on, in the form of evolution and Lovelution, and these confinements based on gender are slowly but surely falling away.  
The monkey mind places limitations on human expression which have no inherent validity.  While we patiently wait for society to catch up, we at KindFamily have decided to go ahead and create our clothing in a gender neutral way.  We find it much more interesting to move beyond limitations, and we support people in being fully human. All human beings have both the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine within.  Unisex clothing reflects on the outside our wholeness on the inside.  
 It also makes sense from a minimalistic, anti-consumerist perspective, as members of the same household can share more clothes, thereby needing to buy and store less stuff. 
Our society has greatly evolved beyond the "battle of the sexes" mentality, and we are coming more and more into Oneness.  The younger generations are busting out of the traditional gender boxes, and society has successfully moved beyond many other limitations of the gender boxes already.  For example, nowadays we recognize that it's important for men and boys to be able to cry.  We recognize that women can work outside the home and open their own bank accounts.  We are not sure why fashion is lagging behind in overcoming outdated gender boxes, but the future is now, as far as we at KindFamily are concerned.