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"Eco-ethical unisex ceremonial clothing, protective clothing for yoga, spa and bodyworkers, and undergarments too."

- Robert Kent, Founder of KindFamily.

Be Kind to Yourself

When you first started on your spiritual path and following the call for healing and purification, maybe you threw together the quickest outfit of white clothes you could find. You may not have felt entirely relaxed, not fully allowing yourself to immerse into the experience because you felt uncomfortable. Maybe this even prevented you from furthering your path in quite the way you wish. 

This is where KindFamily steps in. We are providing you that much-needed hug of protection through blessed, soft, white, unisex clothing, used for spa workers, bodyworkers, and ceremonies because it’s just that protective and comfortable. 

Be kind to yourself, and show yourself compassion and love, as you enjoy the journey you are on. 

Comfort and Quality

It wasn’t easy to find the perfect and simple white ceremonial clothing. In fact, it was next to impossible. So many online shops are selling fashion-forward spiritual or ceremonial attire that are not always the most friendly of fabrics. But we at KindFamily wanted to bring you comfort and quality through our blessed and protective clothing. Our line of unisex garments are not only perfect for your ceremonies; they are also great as protective wear for healers and bodyworkers or even everyday wear for those that want something clean, clear and simply comfortable.

“At KindFamily, we’re not big on trends, seasons or genders. We want you to enjoy our collection for years and years, even decades. We call it "non-fashion." Our unisex collection is timeless and our fabrics have a job: to protect you and to provide soft, exceptional comfort.”

- Robert Kent, Founder of KindFamily.

KindFamily White Clothing Outfit

How KindFamily was Born:

The KindFamily Dirty Laundry brand was conceived from a deep calling. After sitting in over 120 ceremonies, I was called to design the comfort I had long been awaiting: a line of unisex, all white, ceremonial clothing. Wearing all white is a purifying act for your soul. There is something profoundly cleansing about wearing all white from head to toe, inside and out.

During a very tender moment in my family, and whilst being in Bali during Covid pandemic, I saw many ways that we at KindFamily could help support families and show kindness through our brand. KindFamily’s line of unisex, ceremonial clothing is Hand Made in Bali by a family tailor, where we provide fair living wages to them and our amazing local team. 

KindFamily Balinese Tailor

Not only are we proud to support our local team, but 10% of every purchase goes to Feed Bali Bloom Bali. Times are challenging for many and the Feed Bali Bloom Bali initiative is helping to provide relief with food baskets to help those in need. 

We bless all our products, so they are infused with the magic of Bali, our Balinese family tailor and the ongoing care and love of our local team. KindFamily wants to bring more love, more compassion and more kindness to all families. We all have ‘Dirty Laundry,’ so let’s get it clean, air it out and help support each other.

Our motto here at KindFamily is “Wash with Love, Dry with Compassion, Wear with Kindness.” We hope you feel equally inspired to do the same and enjoy our comfortable range of unisex clothing. 

If you’re feeling aligned with us at KindFamily, shop now for your purest whites. Wear at your next ceremony, yoga class, bodywork session or in your everyday life.

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