In many spiritual traditions, wearing white symbolizes an aspiration for healing and/or to commune with the divine. The purification of our mind, body and spirit is critical during these times.

The purification of our world can begin with the purification of our family’s dirty laundry. We all have it. So let’s clean it up. 

“Wash with Love, Dry with Compassion, Wear with Kindness.“

“Wearing all white seems to purify the soul.”

- Robert Kent, Founder of KindFamily.


"Considered the possibility that some of the pain, blame, shame and fear that you carry goes deeper than even your childhood, sometimes we're healing things on the behalf of many more than ourselves. It's a lot to carry around. One lifetime is plenty. And yet, the fact that we can tap into this stored pain and in fact release it vastly enhances the rate at which the story can change for those that have yet to come."

My desire for the perfect undergarments and my commitment to my family, produced our (KindFamily) unisex collection. 

Our undergarment collection is the core of our brand. It consists of a unisex t-shirt, tank top, boxers and underwear briefs. It arrives to you inside a family laundry bag.

Consider intentionally hand washing your undergarments for even deeper family healing.

All KindFamily products are machine washable.

It didn't start with you: How inherited family trauma shapes who we are and how to end the cycle.